Most people have at least a few things of value that they want to keep safe within their home. You might have a piece of jewelry that has been passed through several generations or an oil painting from a famous artist of the early twentieth century. No matter what your valuables might be, there are things that you can do to keep them as protected as possible inside your home if someone were to decide that they wanted to try to break in.

One of the best things that you can do to safeguard your home is think like a burglar. Go around the outside of your home and consider all of the different ways that people could get inside. If you're living in a condo there might not be any choice but the front door. But, if you're in a single-family home then there could be a door in the garage with a weak lock, a patio door, or a basement window. Do your best to eliminate any possibilities for easy entry into your home.

Keep your valuables out of sight for those that might be looking in through the windows. When a thief is considering which homes are worth their trouble for a break-in, they like to do an estimate of what they are going to find inside. If when they are going by houses to scope out, yours is the one with the most expensive things that they can see through windows then you're going to be the prime target. This doesn't mean that you have to hide anything that is valuable within your home. It just might mean that you have to do a little bit of redecorating.

Many people who have items that they do want hidden away invest in a safe for their home. There are several different ways that you can hide a safe in a place where an intruder is unlikely to find it. Some people opt for a wall safe or hide one inside a clock while others will have their safe at the back of a shelf behind a line of books. Where the best place for the safe in your home will depend on your home's design and the size of the safe. There are lots of affordable safe models out there that will keep your valuables as protected as possible while they are in your home.

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