A proposal is something that a couple is going to remember for the rest of their lives. Whether it's something that has been organized for months or it's something a little more spontaneous, most people want this to be a moment that happens without any obstacles standing in the way. When you're designing the perfect proposal there are somethings that you can do to make it that perfect moment, whether she's someone who works at a busy downtown firm or she's a country girl living on a farm. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Designing the right proposal is all about knowing the person that you're proposing to. Every girl is going to want something a little different and while there are those that would love to see themselves on the big screen at a football game, there are others who are dreaming about something a little more intimate at their own place or romantic spot. If you want to determine which is right for your significant others than you usually just have to think about the sort of person they are and what they appreciate in life.

Someone who is adventurous will likely want a proposal that is an entire experience within itself. You could take them rock climbing somewhere near your hometown and propose at the top of the peak. Or, you could prepare an entire day of surprises for them with you on one knee at the end. Provide them with a new experience in some way. This could be where you go or just doing something that you've never done before in your own hometown.

Those that love to be the centre of attention and are very social are going to be the ones who will appreciate a large public display of affection for their proposal. You could create a video for Youtube or propose to them during your annual family Christmas party when they're surrounded by their friends and family. If you're someone whose hobbies enjoy reading or woodworking and they're always trying to get you out of your shell than this could be a chance to show them you're willing to risk it all for them.

And then there are those who want their proposal to be a private moment with just the two of you. If your schedules are frequently conflicting than you might want to propose during a trip away together. You could stay in a vacation resort for a week together and propose on the deck during a catered dinner. Or you could just prepare something at your own home full of all of the things that they love most in life. Thank you to London, Ontario pool company - Atlantis Pools for your support!

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