A piece of jewelry can be a great way of commemorating an event. It can be a symbol of a love that has already lasted for a quarter of a century or can be a promise that things will stay as they are in the future. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry to give for an anniversary that can travel with you through all of your years and will stay timeless than you might want to look at the different gemstones that are traditional for the various years of marriage.

The gift of a pearl necklace or earrings is something that every woman is going to remember for the rest of her life. Mother of pearl is the gemstone traditionally purchased for first year anniversaries and can be placed into jewelry that everyone from a tycoon to a sales person can afford. Mother of pearl is said to bring the person who wears it wealth and power and is a sign of longevity. This last trait is likely why it was originally selected to represent a union that is relatively new.

Many people like to buy jewellery pieces for anniversary gifts, which are usually those that are a multiple of five. The traditional stone for a five-year anniversary is rose quartz and when you get to ten years you are meant to buy something made of crystal. Swarovski Crystals are famous throughout the world and have been used by designers ranging from Chanel to Armani. This might be a great choice for a couple who wants to buy something special together. There are lots of different things that can be made out of crystal, from vases to Christmas ornaments.

The custom for a twentieth anniversary is to get something that includes an emerald stone. This is a gem that is becoming more and more rare throughout the world and is said to protect a person from evil spirits. Preparing a fine dinner and finishing off the night with the present of an emerald ring could be one of the most romantic evenings of both of your lives.

If you are lucky enough to be a part of a relationship that lasts for forty years than jewellers will recommend that you get something with a ruby. Many people know that a fifty-year union is known as a golden anniversary and that sixty years is a diamond. It seems that the longer you live with a person, raising children or bettering the world the better the reward when it comes to gemstone gifts.

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