Rubies. Emeralds. Diamonds. Amethysts. Gold. Silver. Here at Falcon Stones, we're all about jewelry, from the stones that make it sparkle to the precious metals that make it wearable. We know the science behind the formation of the materials that become jewelry and the artistry that takes these raw materials and makes them beautiful when you put them around your neck and look at yourself in the mirror. If you've ever wondered about jewelry - how it's made, where it comes from, where to buy it, which is most valuable, how to care for it, and more - you've come to the right place. We at Falcon Stones are the jewelry experts. Let us share our knowledge with you so you can find the perfect piece for yourself or someone special.

The average person has some jewelry, but they rarely have any idea where it came from. Did you know that diamonds are a form of carbon, like the graphite in your pencil? Or that rubies and sapphires are made of the same mineral - aluminum oxide? Or that precious stones can be made in factories? Or that if you cut a stone at the wrong angle it won't sparkle? These are the things you can learn on our website, so delve into our store of information and learn a thing or two about the items in your jewelry box.

Most stones are mined by large companies who make it their mission to have a monopoly on the sale of diamonds. But for some types of stones and precious metals, you can actually dig some up yourself if you go to the right place. If you visit the Australian town of Coober Pedy, for instance, you can buy a license to dig for opals, which are mineraloid silicates that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Not all gemstones end up being cut - some can make great display pieces at museums.

If you want to buy some jewelry, the process can be as simple as going down to the local mall and picking out a piece at a chain store. However, there are many more sources of jewelry in the world, from local goldsmiths and gem cutters to estate sales and wholesalers. If you want to make your jewelry buy an adventure, let us teach you the basics of identifying and buying stones before you buy one. Otherwise you could end up buying a fake piece, or worse, an unregistered or 'conflict' gem that has been sold in order to create instability in third world countries.

Want to try to make your own jewelry? If you want use precious gems and gold, it's an expensive hobby and you'd better have good security. But if you want to try to make your own wearable art with semiprecious gems and other metals like silver, that's something many people do at home. You can get some jewelry making tips here at Falcon Stones, along with other information on gems and jewelry. Simply browse our articles using the menu bar at the top of the page. is brought to you by

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