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Love what you do. Laugh often. Work hard. Make great wine. Have fun doing it.

 11195 Chalet Road, North Saanich, BC minutes from Victoria.  T 250-656-2552




Wines & Vines

Our Muse Winery Story

Jane & Peter Ellmann bought 10-year-old Chalet Estate Winery in 2008.  With years of hospitality, food & beverage savvy betwixt them, the dynamic duo had found their dream. Peter’s homage to Jane, his life’s inspiration, was to rename the winery MUSE.

Muse grows grapes under the warm sun of the Saanich Peninsula, north of Victoria.  We select grapes from notable vineyards in other regions of Vancouver Island, the Southern Gulf Islands and the Okanagan Valley.  This fine collection of high quality grapes from varying BC appellations blend, sing and dance together to create exceptional varietals with character, poise and vivacity.

The Ellmann's invite you to visit Muse Winery for a taste and tour of the vineyards.  In the summer enjoy Bistro Muse and a taste of the Island while dining al fresco on the terrace in the vineyard, watching the eagles soar above.

Love what you do. Laugh often. Work hard. Make great wine. Have fun doing it...


2011 Bacchus     Noon Someplace

A playful little fräulein nymph, her joie de vie is intoxicating and contagious. Myth surrounds her as she has been known to consort with the gods. Just being in her presence brings ecstasy and a hint of craziness. Fond of picnics on the Rhine, she spreads her blanket upon riverbank grasses and tempts the palate with offerings of tart apples, key lime and mango popsicles. To spend a leisurely afternoon in her company is to overindulge on raw oysters and grilled prawns, play hooky and screw the consequences.

A fun loving porch wine to guzzle down with gal pals over gossip, grapes and Gruyere.


 2010 Chardonnay • Semillon     Burgundian Beauty

Butterscotch and honey would melt in her mouth.  Elegant, from old-world wealth, she loves expensive minerals to drip, like ripe fruit, from around her creamy neck.  Her legs are gracefully tapered by strong as French oak.  Her throaty voice is dense and liquid.  She espouses purity, but her thick unctuous chuckle lets you know she'd be yours for a plate of seared foie gras, rich parmesan risotto or even the opportunity to snuggle up and lick béarnaise from your finger tips.

Fat, sassy Burgundian Beauty to have in bed on a Sunday morning with Eggs Benedict.


 2010 Fumé Blanc      Translation: Sauvignon Blanc

She comes to you through a morning fog that covers the ground as thick as smoke shrouding and swirling around her in veils of harem silk. Her perfume smells of newly cut grass, green apples and lemongrass. Known for her crisp humour and acerbic wit, she can easily cut through heavy sauciness. Elegant yet impish, she is a host par excellence. She is renowned for smart dinner parties with house specialties being Arctic char gravlax, cream of lobster bisque, charred scallops and mile-high coconut cream pie.

Bring on the cream.


  2011 Gewurztraminer    Tongue Twister

A true Alsatian tart, her bone-dry wit captivates instantly. Straw blonde with legs forever, a sparkle in her eye and a blush of peach on her cheeks, she leans into the glass and whispers spicy tales of far off places, where the winds smell of ginger and lychee. A world-traveller, she favours Pan-Asian street food with lots of tang and heat. Feed her duck pancakes slathered in hoisin sauce or tum yum Thai soup crammed with tiger shrimp and lemongrass and she’ll purr like a kitten. 

Cougar blonde looking to tango with a zesty bowl of Szechuan Noodles


  2011 Ortega     Poetic Justice

Blithe and coquettish, this sweet tempered lady is adored by all. A lover of Spanish poets and European castles on the Rhine, she is a die-hard romantic. Her lips have the taste of big juicy red grapefruit. She lights up a room with her flowery personality. Her lingering kisses make you think of the Islands. Easy and amicable, she may be invited to any party and slips into the ebb and flow of conversation like silk. Serve her a casual lunch of warm focaccia bread with Asiago cheese, pan-seared chicken breasts with salsa verde and fresh summer berries and she will wax poetic. 

 An everyday celebratory wine for whiling away an afternoon with good friends


  2010 Pinot Gris    Legally Blonde

 A festive giddy gal with lots of snappy one-liners. A crisp wit and a tart approach to life. Green apple, honeysuckle and melon are some of her favourite flavours. Known by friends for her fruity, light-hearted personality and fragrant summer spirit; she plays well with others. She is often spotted having lunch on a patio in the summer, whiling away an afternoon on the beach, or fishing off the dock in the hopes of catching fresh trout for dinner.


 Crisp clean wine that pairs with figs & gorgonzola or spicy baby clam linguini


  2010 Viognier   Piquant Vivant


Exuberant flirtatious little minx. Apricot and peaches complexion. A delicate balance between slightly neurotic, a little bit exotic and a touch erotic. On her pulse points are joyful hints of light lively grapefruit and honey. A flouncy white summer dress, warm afternoon, grassy meadow, large shade tree and soft ripe cheeses, poached cold salmon and lemon tarts. Ah, the delight.

A lazy Sunday wine to enjoy with lemony greens, quiche, ripe brie and tart apple slices


  2009 Late Harvest Viognier   Roll in the Hay


Bronze ~ 2010 NorthWest Wine Summit

Bronze ~ All Canadian Wine Competition 2010

Soft, round and delicate, her curvy full body says shameless, but her demeanour is sweet tempered and easy.  Lingering on her lips are hints of honeysuckle and ginger gloss.  She adores the fall when the fruits are ripe and heaving with intense, rich flavours.  She will sit in the orchard, slathering butter and mango marmalade on warm bread while humming arias from La Boheme, dreaming of her lover yet to come.  The snap of a twig tells her things are about to get interesting. 

 Cool floral finesse slips down nicely with fresh cracked crab followed by vats of decadent crème brulée 


   2008 Cabernet/Merlot     Close the Deal

 Articulate and eloquent with expressive rich ripe qualities worthy of a high-priced attorney. Expensively coiffed, in tailored black leather, stilettos and the hint of a Freudian slip of expensive lace. Husky, raspy voice with subtle undertones of tobacco, smoke and pepper. A smooth negotiator satisfyingly heavy-handed without beating your taste buds to a pulp. Loves all French food, the richer the better. Always on her blackberry.

 Does a power lunch with steak frites or les moules Provencal


  2009 Maréchal Foch     Risqué Rouge

Smoldering, dark and mysterious, this resinous bold temptress has a complex personality.  Her full-bodied curves hug the side of the glass and make you dream of inky nights, leather boots and getting your fanny slapped while straddling an oak cask.  Intense and brooding, her eyes are pools of dark chocolate.  The velvet nape of her neck carries a whiff of plum and cherry.  Known to consort with Dame Merlot, the two throw legendary salons serving hearty wild game, zesty pastas and pungent earthy cheeses.

 Fearless risqué red that will go toe-to-toe with spice, rice or loaded dice.


 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon   Gallant, Valiant Grape

Our heroine is courageous and bold with lustrous skin the colour of crème brulée, eyes of purple plum and dark-red tresses of soft silk. Round and full-bodied, to nuzzle her neck is to smell vanilla, black currant and peppery spice. Her noble heritage is French and you will never get Bordeaux her tales of a glorious past. Well-balanced, she stands tall as an oak. At her table you will dine well on blackened grilled salmon, maple syrup glazed pork tenderloin and chocolate & raspberry soufflé.

 Plucky red that will walk up to a smoky bison burger and challenge it to arm wrestle 


  2008 Foch Noir    Voluptuous Vixen

  Double Gold ~ All Canadian Wine Competition 2010

She is a sensuous, dangerous, but oh so tasty Alsatian plum tart. Her well-endowed cherry bosom heaves with luscious fruits. Intricate French Burgundy lace hugs soft, round thighs tapering down taut calves to tootsies enshrined in black spike heels. Fortified with a triple-shot espresso and a hunk of dark chocolate, she can go the distance against lesser mortals. She is the warrior princess of legend. She feasts with abandonment on succulent wild game, bison and herbaceous winter stews. Slightly volatile, she’ll give your palate a spanking, but only in a good way.


Baby it's cold outside, so warm up with lamb shanks with roast garlic and heavy cream polenta


  2007 Grande Dame Rouge  - Marvelous Matriarch

  Bronze ~ 2010 NorthWest Wine Summit

Larger than life, she sails into a room like a French galleon. Her regal bearing demands respect. Her blended family tree carries tales of exotic trade from the port of Bordeaux in cassis, tobacco and coffee. She is spicy, witty and deeply complex. Celebration surrounds her. A peppery vintage dame, she enjoys nothing better than a good cigar after a damn fine meal of rare roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. She is always found in good company, often at a gaming table in someone’s chateau.

 A special note on this Bordeaux Style blend-she is 50% Merlot, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 6% Malbec and 3% Petit Verdot.

R E S P E C T this fabulous babe.  Dine with her on well-seasoned roast leg of lamb with rosemary au jus


  2008 Malbec  - Don't Cry for Me

The Countess lingered in her flower garden inhaling scents of jasmine, violet and lavender. Nibbling dark chocolate, her imagination wandered as she remembered her wild days; her mad existence. The memory brought deep ruby colour to her cheeks. There was one evening in Buenos Aires – the man, a roaring fire, spit-roasted beef from the sun-drenched grazing plains of Argentina, spicy grilled sausages and blackened fish – the rest was history. She’d chosen freedom. She had fame. She had fortune. And you know what? That was working for her.

Give this First Lady a massive platter of BBQ beef ribs, lamb sirloin and heaping mounds of kick-ass Cajun tiger prawns


  2007 Merlot  -    Flagrantly Delicious

Growling and howling are not beyond this smoky sexy lady. Her heaving bosom is reminiscent of ripe purple plums and black cherries. A haughty, naughty chuckle will make you think of moonlit nights, big bonfires and bear rugs in front of the hearth. She is the voluptuous tavern wench of bodice-ripping novels serving trenchers of roasted game, wild boar, leg of lamb and pungent wheels of old cheddar and stilton to lusty sailors.  

Big bouncy red that cavorts well with rack of lamb and dark chocolate mousse.   



  2009 Pinot Noir    Latitude Attitude

 Worthy of worship. Complex, capricious, willful and stubborn. She does not like to get her feet wet, prefers to take the rocky road less travelled and will break your heart at the snap of a twig. She will reward with lingering long kisses of blackberry, mocha and cranberry with a slight feral edge to her delivery.  She goes all starry-eyed when seated at a table surrounded by crystal, fine linen and good china.  Reward her with fresh grilled BC halibut and wild mushroom risotto. A few words of advice… never look at her sideways.

A versatile wine that travels from picnic to porch to black-tie podium with aplomb


2010 Rose   Rambling Rosé

 Gold ~ All Canadian Wine Competition 2010

Our flirtatious strawberry blonde is a spontaneous skirt-up-over-the-head kind of gal. Laughter echoes behind her as she rides her popsicle-red bicycle down country lanes, her pannier full of raspberries, strawberries and big juicy melons. She’s off to meet her giggly girlfriends for a picnic of spicy chilled noodles and hand-roll Mexican tortillas stuffed with pulled pork and habanera peppers. Sprawled on blankets on a warm summer afternoon, the girls divulge discreet indiscretions and howl with mirth in the telling.

 A cheeky rambling rosé meant for warm afternoon of al fresco frolic while sloshing and noshing with friends and interesting strangers


  2008 Syrah   Big, Bold & Bodacious

 This sassy siren has sultry lounge singer overtones. Her spicy lyrics will make you want to run your tongue around the rim of the glass. Heady and earthy with soft rounded curves draped in velvet and mink, she lures and intrigues. Chocolate and coffee are two of her greatest pleasures. Her deep dark past is a thing of legend. She will proudly tell anyone that she has been a Rhone. Pop her cork with an invitation to a dinner of rich beef bourguignon, slow-simmered lamb shanks or old family-recipe spaghetti Bolognese.    

Big yummy wine that begs for a dinner date with a thick-cut New York strip